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body and custom art

Custom Artwork is Our Specialty:

At Vanh's Tattoo Studio, we appreciate and respect all aspects of art. We strive for perfection and believe detail is what makes art look good. We are confident we can offer competitive top notch custom designs and apply greatness to every piece of art we produce. We believe in art appreciation, detail and technique. Come visit us and feel free to ask about our experiences and expertise.

VANH'S TATTOO STUDIO. An Awarding Professional Artist. We put 110% effort in every Artwork, you deserve the best. Check our work!

Vanh's studio has a full-time staff of three professional artists and body piercers who are available upon your leisure. Stop by and see if we can relate to your style and creativity in any way. Feel free to contact us otherwise.

  • Clean and sterile environment
  • Down to earth
  • Custom artwork
  • Body artwork
  • Body art repair


"When you drive here, you'll have to drive around to the back- as the studio is on the second floor. You'll know you're at the right place because the address is right next to the door- 5659 and there is a name plate for Vanh's on it. (If you're on the wrong side of the building, you will see a black sign for Vanh's in the top window that says the entrance is around the back).

I walked in and they asked me if I was the one that called- I said yes and showed them my work of "art" and showed them the original picture that they used. They promised me it would be fixed so I waited a few minutes and flipped through some books while they set up the station.

When I was called to the chair and took a look around- I realize what a DUMP I had been in earlier- this place was clean, organized- and everything was clearly labeled and, above all, sanitary. Lotoe got to work on fixing my tattoo (making more solid lines and evening the whole design out).

Okay- when I said in my other review that the needle "tickled" that's because the woman before was not doing it right- THIS *HIT HURT. But I'm glad it did- because now it looks SO MUCH BETTER. I admit, I felt bad for him- my tattoo was a mess and I was depending on him to save it for me. Honestly, he did the best he could, and I'm sooo much happier with it now. I wish I had gone to him to do it in the first place. When I get my next tattoo, I told him I'd give him a call so we could design something- and I REALLY, REALLY will.

After this experience, I refuse to go anywhere else. They did me right here- they salvaged my tattoo and we're pompous assholes about it. I was charged $50 for the job- but it was well, well worth it.

This place is bright and clean and there are papers posted n the walls that give you any information you'd want- about tattoos, their policies, etc. They also have books lying around if you're in need for some inspiration. The staff is friendly, helpful, and really good at what they do- I saw Vanh starting to do a back piece for a woman- and she was so meticulous and professional about it.

I got work done one other place and visited plenty more- and honestly, after my experience here (though only a touch up) I wouldn't go anywhere else. I will update this after I go and get my second tattoo done. :]"

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